Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Frustrations of TV, Phone and Internet

Here I am coming upon 80 years of age in a few weeks. I don’t like it at all and can’t do one thing about it. It’s the very same as your utility companies. They can bill you whatever they want to and there it stands. Too bad, Charlie Brown. It’s set in concrete. I stupidly signed up for one of those bundle deals when I decided to change one of the services. Maybe I better not mention the names of the companies because it might be a little detrimental to them before I stop ranting. I will just call them Phone, TV and Internet. When I signed on for the deal I was told I would save $15.00 per month because of a rebate. There were other savings, but this is the one they do not know how to correct. This bundle package is supposed to last for one year. Every month since I signed up for the service and receive the bill, the $15.00 reduction has not been credited. I call the Phone Company because they are the one the bill comes from. Every month they tell me that, "Yes, I do have a rebate and it should have been on the bill, but that part comes from the TV". They put me on hold while they consult with the TV Company. Then they tell me the TV Company needs to set it up on their billing part. I was assured it would be on the next month’s bill with a credit for the month’s that was missed. It didn’t happen the next several months. One month I was told my next bill would credit me with $45.00. It didn’t happen. Every month, when I see their bill in my mailbox I get a sick feeling. Last month I was told that the TV would not be able to send me the missed payments, but would start the service anew and would run for the full year. I didn’t wait for the month to finish and decided to call the TV Company and see if they had the problem corrected yet. She didn’t have a clue what I was talking about. All she could tell me that it had not been corrected and that the Phone Company would need to set it up. I asked her to call the Phone Company and take care of it. No, she couldn’t do that. I told her if the tables were turned I would be charged late fees and the service would be cut off by now. I don't think she cared so I hung up and talked to the Phone Company again. He called the TV Company while I was on hold and came back and said Management was working on it. At least that's a new excuse. While I’m on hold their recording keeps telling me what wonderful products and service they have.
I have talked to Tony, Pat, Patricia, Leslie, Roberta and Rhonda.
Can I turn them over to a collection agency?