Friday, July 4, 2008


Be sure and disguise your firecrackers. They are against the law around here. Disguising a firecracker is something like hiding an elephant in your living room.


Cora said...

Not illegal at our place. But I still feel it is like setting your money on fire so we will just watch the neighbors burn their money, :0)
Have a great day!

Jimh. said...

Boy, DID they burn their of the stupid neighbors set most of their fireworks off at tipped over and came startlingly close to an anti-aircraft shell bent on reaking havoc on our side of the street. It exploded mid street and the pieces bounced off the next door neighbor's

Cora said...

You need to come check out my blog. I tagged you. I thought you could use a challenge and you are one of the only people I know with a blog, sorry.