Sunday, July 6, 2008

My Driveway

I feel pretty, oh so pretty
But nobody loves me
My name is Morning Glory
Wild Morning Glory
I grow in your flowerbeds
I grow in your rock gardens
I grow in your lawn
I grow under your house
I grow in your concrete driveway
I will never leave
Never, never, never, never so
Make the best of me.


Cora said...

Wow it actually looks kind of pretty like that. Jim amd I had a plant one time that was obnoxious it sarted to grow through the floor boards of our house. I think we finally killed it!

Grandma said...

I once had a tree that kept coming up by the side of the garage.That tree and me battled for years.I would cut it down and even dig up what I could and it would still grow back. Somebody told me the next time I dig it up, pour a bunch of salt in the hole. It worked like a charm. No more tree.