Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Baloney Issues

When you live alone buying food can be a problem. For instance one day I felt hungry for an old fashioned baloney sandwich. I ate a lot of baloney sandwiches as a kid at home. I especially enjoyed them in the summer when tomatoes were good. So I bought some baloney. The smallest size had about 40 slices in it. The sandwich was wonderful, but I only wanted one sandwich and now I have a ton of left over baloney.

I shared this problem with my hairdresser. She told me to buy my baloney at Top Foods because they sell it in their Deli and I could buy one slice. I told her it would take a gallon of gas to go down there and back and there goes $4.37. So we decided I may as well feed my left-over baloney to the dog. I suppose it would freeze, but when will I ever want another baloney sandwich.
Life gets exhausting here in the fast lane.

I'm not really all that serious. I have been eating baloney until it's coming out of my ears.