Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Frustrations of TV, Phone and Internet

Got my bill today for my bundled services, telephone, broadband and television. I am not a happy camper. They did not deduct the $15.00 I have coming. They were going to start it on this bill and let it run for the full year because they cannot give me a lump sum for the past months. I called and talked to Jonathan. He said it will start on my next bill. That was about the sixth time I've heard that story.

I just wrote a complaint to the Federal Trade Commission. On their web site they have a place you can fill out your complaints about businesses. When I submitted it they said my complaint has been entered into the consumer sentinel. Whatever that means. Maybe somebody will read it. That's probably all that will come of it, but if they get enough complaints maybe they will make them change their policies and treat us like they want us to treat them.