Sunday, September 28, 2008

The Dark Ages without Phone Service

I know what’s happening! We are slowly regressing back into the dark ages, one dodo at a time.
I tried to order something online. My Visa wasn’t accepted and I would need to use another card or call my bank to find out the reason. I called the bank and was told that I would need to call Wal-Mart and tell them that they would need to call them, the bank, to get a manual authorization. There is no problem with my visa, it’s just that they want to make sure nobody is using my name and etc. The only number I have for is the number for the local store. I talked to four people there. They told me I could come in and buy a gift card and order it with that. I thought that was rather clever. Who, in a million years would have thought of that. Nobody had heard of the policy about calling the bank, but they found a number for Wal-Mart Dot Com. I called the number and all I could get were menus. There was no way that I could find that would connect me to a human being. I am not exaggerating one little speck. I need to get out my horse and buggy and trot on down to and see what’s going on.
Nobody is manning the phones I already know that.
I finally found an email address for them so I wrote a letter and explained how and why they need to remedy their phone system. They didn't even answer the letter. I even put it to the attention of "Somebody Important". They're probably still passing the buck.


Jimh. said...

Last time I was at Walmart, there weren't alot of intelligent humans in the store...most were questionable sorts...a fewwith obvious jail time, others lacking the teeth they once had...

okie said...

Tell Jim they won't hire you if you have jail time.

Jimh. said...

I wasn't talking about the employees...our Walmart is not in the best part of town.

Grandma said...

Hey thar,cowboy, I shop at the Wal-Mart and I have teeth. They may not be the ones I was born with, but they are authentic at least they look authentic.
You got yourself in hot water, didn't you. LOL. Still love ya!!

Cora said...

That is Ok Jim shops there sometimes too and he is missing a chomper or too, LOL. But I got to admit I loved the Walmart in CA it was clean and nice but the Yakima Walmart is a little less desireable. Plus you have to sport your work out clothes to get across the store it is Huge, heaven forbid if you forget the milk you have to run a marathon to get tho the back of the store.

I can't stand it when you can't get to a person.

Did you try They tell you how to get past those annoying menus.