Sunday, September 28, 2008

The Dark Ages without Phone Service

I know what’s happening! We are slowly regressing back into the dark ages, one dodo at a time.
I tried to order something online. My Visa wasn’t accepted and I would need to use another card or call my bank to find out the reason. I called the bank and was told that I would need to call Wal-Mart and tell them that they would need to call them, the bank, to get a manual authorization. There is no problem with my visa, it’s just that they want to make sure nobody is using my name and etc. The only number I have for is the number for the local store. I talked to four people there. They told me I could come in and buy a gift card and order it with that. I thought that was rather clever. Who, in a million years would have thought of that. Nobody had heard of the policy about calling the bank, but they found a number for Wal-Mart Dot Com. I called the number and all I could get were menus. There was no way that I could find that would connect me to a human being. I am not exaggerating one little speck. I need to get out my horse and buggy and trot on down to and see what’s going on.
Nobody is manning the phones I already know that.
I finally found an email address for them so I wrote a letter and explained how and why they need to remedy their phone system. They didn't even answer the letter. I even put it to the attention of "Somebody Important". They're probably still passing the buck.