Thursday, September 25, 2008

Home Sewing Project

I keep reading Cora's blog about some of her sewing projects and it sort of inspired me to take up sewing again. I decided to make myself some pants and get back into sewing so I would have something to do. It might just be a new hobby for me.
Let me tell you why I came to that decision. I am a former sewer. It must have been back in my first lifetime. First off, it took hours to trim off the excess from the pattern pieces and get rid of the paper mess. Then it took about two days to figure out how to pin the pattern pieces to fabric. The pattern didn’t come with pockets. I have to have pockets. There should be a national law that lady’s pants should have pockets. Why should men be the only one’s with pockets? That’s discrimination. So I had to find a pair of my pants and figure out how to trace the shape of the pockets on paper so I could make a pattern for the pockets. That only took another week. I finally get all the pieces cut out. Now it’s time to get out my 1975 model portable sewing machine. I keep it in the garage because I never use it. The sewing machine has gained weight like I have. It now weights at least 100 pounds. It took every ounce of strength I could muster to even lift it, much less carry it all the way to the spare bedroom, but after much grunting and straining I finally got it in there. I used to pick it up with one hand and carry it around. I finally got it set up and I’m ready to start. So I sit myself down. How do you fill a bobbin? "I asked myself". "Darned if I know" I answered myself. So now, where is that darn sewing kit. The sewing machine manual is in there, I think. It was finally found in the garage after much digging and moving boxes around. The manual was found and I read instructions and slapped myself in the head for not remembering something so simple. Do you want to know how long it took to thread the needle. No, you don’t want to know so I’ll skip that part. I read and re-read all instructions on how to match and sew up seams. I wanted to be sure I sewed the right seams together because even in my better days I’ve been known to sew the wrong seams together. I was in no mood to do any ripping out seams. I completed the project and even hemmed them with the blind hemstitch and they looked perfect so I tried them on. They even fit perfect and I was so proud of me. I tried to reach into the pockets. What pockets! I had concentrated so hard on making sure the seams all matched that I forgot to add the pockets. That part wasn't in the instructions. I hung them in the closet with all the other pants that I accidentally bought with no pockets.
That’s all the sewing I’m going to do.