Sunday, September 7, 2008

My Birthday Party

My 80Th Birthday celebration:

Isn't this cake just beautiful? Not because it has my mug on it, but it is so unique. I was impressed! Do not dread turning 80, you’ll get more attention than you ever had in your life. I want to thank all of my wonderful family for being so thoughtful and generous. The party was at my house and even though it is small we had a marvelous time. Everybody seemed to enjoy it. My son, Mel prepared his fabulous salmon that Nancy had caught. It was delicious. Jim had made his super killer potato salad and another great salad. We had all kinds of food. Much to my surprise a Laptop computer fund had been collected for me. I wasn't excited or anything, but I went computer shopping that very evening. The next morning the newspaper had an ad for a laptop computer that had just been put on sale. It was just what I wanted and was in the right price range. It couldn't have been more perfect. I was a little disappointed when I went to buy it because they didn't have it in stock and I will have to wait until Tuesday or Wednesday. The computer just happens to be red, my favorite color. I hope nobody thinks I bought it because of the color.