Saturday, September 20, 2008

The Wild West

Life goes on here in the wild West. It didn't seem like Palm Springs today. I didn't see the sun all day. Very rarely does that happen around here. Even in the winter you see the sun. Rain is always welcome around here. Not much news. I have decided to wait for the computer that I ordered from the store. It was a good deal and they sold a lot of them. Now I will have to wait until Sept 30th. In the meantime if I find another one of equal worth I can still cancel that order.
I miss Miss Minnie more than I ever imagined I would. She never got more than a few feet from me. She was like my shadow. Now my shadow is gone. I think the more time you spend with them the more you will miss them. I have lost pets in the past, but nothing ever hit me nearly as hard as this one has.