Thursday, March 19, 2009

Oh the pain of it all

Finally, I have an appointment for the Knee surgery. It’s taking four months from the start of the pain to the surgery. It’s going to be arthroscopy surgery for a torn cartilage/menicus tear. It is a day surgery and the doctor said I will limp in and I will limp out and everything should be just fine. I have to wait a month for the surgery. So what else is new. Maybe they will have a cancellation and I can get in sooner. When I try to sleep at night, the pain comes out in full force. It’s like some little unseen critters come out and hammers my knee with a jackhammer all night. I guess the pain of it all will just make me tougher and meaner. Those qualities might be beneficial at times. Especially when dealing with insurance companies. The Dr. gave me a prescription called Celebrex that will alleviate the pain, but it cost an arm and a leg and I only have a toe. Insurance will not approve the medicine unless the Dr prescribes something else first. You know just in case the something else might work. It’s like I have a lot of money and time to play their experiment game. Is that tactic meant to save the insurance company money or what. Is that medicine really that valuable?
I hope the surgery will restore the movement of that leg. I cannot bend my leg enough to get a sock on. So that means I have to go without socks. I look like a female "Bubba". I have been wearing clogs and now that winter is over I can wear sandals real soon. Yeah!!! winter is over, I tell you.


Jen said...

My husband had this done while we were engaged, and it really wasn't bad at all. Hope everything goes well!

Cora said...

Yes the prescription thing is a scam by insurance companies. Ask if the doctor can give you samples because you will never get that worked out before surgery. I have been trying to get my prescription approved for a year and I have already gone through the hoops,
But yea for surgery you shoud start a count down ticker or maybe not.
take care, love ya Cora

E said...

Hooray for surgery, Boo for pain! Depending on the drug company some will even give you free stuff if you qualify. I have no idea of the hoops you would have to jump through, but I have heard of it...Then again I could have been dreaming that one... I don't understand why one must take stuff that does not work first before they will let you take something that does.

Jimh. said...

Yeah, I say go for the samples, then get drunk...Whiskey has medicinal qualities! or rum if you prefer to drink it with fruit juice (you get vitamins that way).LOL!

Raggedy Girl said...

I am so glad that the surgery is finally scheduled so at least you are now moving in a forward mode. Hope the medicine thing is resolved soon too.

Roberta Anne

cats-rockin-crochet said...

Grandma, my DH had a total hip replacement, he said it was immediate pain relief once it was over. Although you have to go through the healing process, the pain will be gone. Good luck and here's to wearing sock's once again.

Diane said...

I am so sorry it is taking so long to get something done to help you! At least you're on the schedule now! As for the medication snaffu, I agree with whomever recommended asking your doctor for samples. Those reps hand them out all the time. There's no reason you shouldn't benefit from that! Praying you'll be feeling better very soon!