Thursday, March 19, 2009

Oh the pain of it all

Finally, I have an appointment for the Knee surgery. It’s taking four months from the start of the pain to the surgery. It’s going to be arthroscopy surgery for a torn cartilage/menicus tear. It is a day surgery and the doctor said I will limp in and I will limp out and everything should be just fine. I have to wait a month for the surgery. So what else is new. Maybe they will have a cancellation and I can get in sooner. When I try to sleep at night, the pain comes out in full force. It’s like some little unseen critters come out and hammers my knee with a jackhammer all night. I guess the pain of it all will just make me tougher and meaner. Those qualities might be beneficial at times. Especially when dealing with insurance companies. The Dr. gave me a prescription called Celebrex that will alleviate the pain, but it cost an arm and a leg and I only have a toe. Insurance will not approve the medicine unless the Dr prescribes something else first. You know just in case the something else might work. It’s like I have a lot of money and time to play their experiment game. Is that tactic meant to save the insurance company money or what. Is that medicine really that valuable?
I hope the surgery will restore the movement of that leg. I cannot bend my leg enough to get a sock on. So that means I have to go without socks. I look like a female "Bubba". I have been wearing clogs and now that winter is over I can wear sandals real soon. Yeah!!! winter is over, I tell you.