Sunday, March 22, 2009

Weekends Are For The Birds

I hate weekends. They drag on forever. If I had a life it might help. This is what I do. Get up, and drink coffee, then I read part of the newspaper, surf the TV channels and check the DVR to see if I happened to record something of interest. I didn’t so I work the newspaper crossword puzzle. The Sunday crossword puzzle was made for the genius type, which I am not. Then I eat breakfast, make bed, take shower, flop in chair, the chair has a magnet in it and I am drawn to it if I come within two feet of it. I think I have a magnet implant. Take a nap, read more newspaper, can’t do anything standing on my feet because of my ailing knee. Check out the laptop and see what is new in cyber space. Bladder kicks in the minute I open the laptop. They should sell catheters with laptops. It should be part of the software.

Till next time


Jimh. said...

You could do what I used to do when my battery was still worth 10 minutes...tke it to the bathroom woth you...wireless mouse on the knee and laptop on the sink...worked good! Grandma, you had me in tears! You really brighten my day sometimes!

Diane said...

I'm with you! Weekends used to be so plesant before my husband went home to be with the Lord. Now,it's just another set of days to be endured until I learn to live with my 'new normal' as everyone keeps tellin me. Maybe it will be better after your knee is fixed.


Cora said...

Jim read me your post and I laughed so hard I had to visit the bathroom. You have a way with words.
Hey for TV have you found hulu yet (google it)? It is where I head when the DVR is empty. It is awesome, although I don't know if I am going to have much extra time on my hands if my dresses take off.
Hope that surgery comes soon so you can move around again.
Love you.

Jen said...

I would trade weekends with you in a heartbeat - except I don't think your knee could keep up with my four children and the housework that goes with them. As soon as your recovered, feel free to claim that weekend trade - my kids could always use another grandma!!!

Jan said...

That's new frontier altogether for laptops which are outfitted with catheters. Seniors would love and swear by it. lol

You're squeezed from both sides with pain and ennui and yet your posts brim with good humor. A rant with a difference. Love it.