Sunday, March 22, 2009

Weekends Are For The Birds

I hate weekends. They drag on forever. If I had a life it might help. This is what I do. Get up, and drink coffee, then I read part of the newspaper, surf the TV channels and check the DVR to see if I happened to record something of interest. I didn’t so I work the newspaper crossword puzzle. The Sunday crossword puzzle was made for the genius type, which I am not. Then I eat breakfast, make bed, take shower, flop in chair, the chair has a magnet in it and I am drawn to it if I come within two feet of it. I think I have a magnet implant. Take a nap, read more newspaper, can’t do anything standing on my feet because of my ailing knee. Check out the laptop and see what is new in cyber space. Bladder kicks in the minute I open the laptop. They should sell catheters with laptops. It should be part of the software.

Till next time