Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Quiet on the Blog Front

I am at a loss for blog material. If blog is a real word, why isn’t the spellchecker aware of it? I guess somebody just made it up. Twitter is a real word and means “chatter”. Now that makes sense, but blog? What is that supposed to mean? Maybe it is a real word, I’m looking in a crossword dictionary and it isn’t in there.

I received a ballot in the mail today for a vote as to whether I approve a bond for a new high school to replace an old one. I most certainly do approve, and already filled it out. It had two boxes, one for approving, and one for not approving. They give very specific instructions on how to do it, as though they might not be smart enough to figure out what you mean unless you do it exactly as they say. You cannot put a check mark or an X in the box. You have to fill in the whole area with black ink. No other color will be acceptable. I had to look all over the place to find a pen with black ink. It seems that I always buy blue ink pens. Well, I gotter done. I hope they can figure out what I want.

My Grandson came by from school today wearing a face mask. I think it’s a social status thing in his case. We have not had any flu reported in this area yet. I just heard a DR report that the mask would do very little good anyway. He said the germs are so small it can go through the mask. I guess the mask could keep you from catching the common cold and other diseases. Maybe we should all start wearing them all the time. I hope you don’t think I’m serious.
Like I said it is a quiet blog day and this is the best I can do.