Friday, May 29, 2009

Blood Time Again

I had the dreaded blood draw done this morning and miracles of miracles, I was not poked in the back of the hand. When the nurse came to the waiting room to ask for the next one, she said, "Russell Lemaster". Russell jumped up and I jumped up too. My name is not Russell, but I knew the last name was right. Russell had to sit back down. I don’t know what Russell’s last name is. Isn’t that weird? Why did she happen to say Russell with my last name.
Maybe she knew Russell and when she saw him sitting there she forgot to put her brain in gear before speaking. I know it’s hard to believe, but I’ve done that. This nurse is a miracle worker. She found a vein in my arm on the first try and pulled out 4 vials of blood.
I told her how appreciative I was and how they always have to take it out of the back of my hand. I said, " I think it’s because I drank enough water to float a battleship because somebody told me it will help you find a vein if I’m not dehydrated". She said, "You should drink a lot of water all the time, and not just when you are going to have your blood drawn, It’s good for you and makes your organs work better". I said, "Yes, mother, I know, I know". Only I didn’t say that part out loud.