Friday, May 1, 2009

The Driving Lesson

Still nothing exciting to tell you about. I can drive now according to the doctor. I couldn’t drive before, but he said I can drive now. Just kidding !!!! I’ve been driving since 1950. At that time my husband tried to teach me how to drive and the very first thing I did was turn a corner on the gravel road and kicked up a little gravel. That is my version of the incident, but my husband who always exaggerated everything said I almost took out a row of mailboxes. It’s been so long ago I cannot even remember whose version was correct. Believe me! it came up a few times over the years. He gave up on me then and there. He informed me that he was no longer giving lessons on car driving. So I had to wait until the Government decided they needed him to serve in the Air Force again. He had been in the reserves after the WW2 and was called back in during the Korean War. I thought to myself, "With him out of the picture I will learn how to drive that car now if it kills me." So I did and it didn’t kill me. My sister-in-law and I went to the Licenses division and picked up a driver’s permit. The car had a manual shift and I knew nothing about it. Marge took me for a ride and showed me how to let out the clutch and how to shift the gears. She let me drive and we went bumping down the road and she laughed so hard I finally had to take her home. She was making me a little jittery with all that cackling. It wasn’t funny at all. I continued to bounce and bump my way through the intersections until one day I finally got it right. Okay, I’m a slow learner. I continued driving until I felt confident enough to go for the licenses. Back in those days the test were much easier than they are today. I passed the test and passed the driving part of it and left with a license. I have always kept my licenses up to date so I won’t have to take another test. I only had one accident in my whole life and it wasn’t my fault. I was in the Bi-Mart parking lot trying to leave the place when this maniac came barreling out from a row of hedges and slammed into me. Why would anybody put hedges in a parking lot. I noticed they have removed the beautiful hedges.