Thursday, May 21, 2009

The Golden Years

The hospital didn’t kill me while I was a patient there so they tried to do it by sending me a statement for $644.22 to be paid immediately. I almost died on the spot when I read the news. Why am I paying $300.00 a month for medical insurance?
It turns out the hospital made a mistake by sending a statement for such a ridiculous amount. It should have been for $67.95. It was for some drugs that weren’t covered. They were drugs I took while in the hospital, but I was in the in and out facility so they were not covered, even though I ended up being admitted to the hospital.
There is a method behind their madness. They shock me with the $644.00 statement so I won’t squeal so loud when I find out it is really only $67.95. All I do is go to doctors. I have a doctor for each body part. I have been to the eye doctor, the knee doctor and the bone doctor in just the past couple weeks. Starting the first of June I will go to the sleep doctor and the knee doctor again. Next week I go to the all-over doctor. I think they call him "the regular doctor". I’m always being asked, "Who is your regular doctor"? How the heck should I know? Do they mean that I go to him more regular than the other ones? Now I am going back again for one of those blood draws. I guess those people are called the blood people. I’m not dancing any jigs yet, but the knee is finally on the road to recovery.
I have definitely graduated to toddler. This is all I have to blog about.


Cora said...

No, they are called vampires, it is a myth that they bite you they only stick you with a bunch of needles.
Thank goodness for the correction that is crazy. It makes me think I should have questioned more of my bills before paying.

Stephanie Frieze said...

My mother says that getting old is testing her faith in the Biblical passages that say it is a gift. I hope all your many doctors get you up and dancing soon. My mother recently got a bill for an MRI she had a year ago. They wanted $800. She called and asked how much her insurance had paid. Oops, said the hospital. They hadn't billed the insurance company. We have no idea why they hadn't or why this bill is turning up a year after the fact. Hospitals are difficult to deal with and you need to go over bills with a fine tooth comb.

2Grandmas2 said...

I always called the lab folks vampires. And I think you are right. All the fees are outrageous; especially since they won't even let you take your own meds. I remember once seeing that a band aid was incredibly expensive. I wish I could remember the amount but it was too long ago. I am delighted that the knee is finally on the right path. Just remember "relax and breeeeathe.

Jen said...

I am glad to see you're up and around again! And don't even get me started on Dr. bills and insurance. The whole thing is enough to drive a person insane!