Thursday, May 21, 2009

The Golden Years

The hospital didn’t kill me while I was a patient there so they tried to do it by sending me a statement for $644.22 to be paid immediately. I almost died on the spot when I read the news. Why am I paying $300.00 a month for medical insurance?
It turns out the hospital made a mistake by sending a statement for such a ridiculous amount. It should have been for $67.95. It was for some drugs that weren’t covered. They were drugs I took while in the hospital, but I was in the in and out facility so they were not covered, even though I ended up being admitted to the hospital.
There is a method behind their madness. They shock me with the $644.00 statement so I won’t squeal so loud when I find out it is really only $67.95. All I do is go to doctors. I have a doctor for each body part. I have been to the eye doctor, the knee doctor and the bone doctor in just the past couple weeks. Starting the first of June I will go to the sleep doctor and the knee doctor again. Next week I go to the all-over doctor. I think they call him "the regular doctor". I’m always being asked, "Who is your regular doctor"? How the heck should I know? Do they mean that I go to him more regular than the other ones? Now I am going back again for one of those blood draws. I guess those people are called the blood people. I’m not dancing any jigs yet, but the knee is finally on the road to recovery.
I have definitely graduated to toddler. This is all I have to blog about.