Monday, May 18, 2009

Knee Update

Here I go again. My knee is a work in progress. This is an update. I have now graduated from the walker. I am now a toddler. No better way to describe it. I felt so agile this morning I decided to go to Fred Meyers. I toddled into the store and grabbed the first shopping cart to serve as a walker. I decided I had not fully graduated to toddler yet. By the time I left the store the walker was sounding better and better. And wouldn’t you know I forgot to give the clerk my coupons, which would have saved me $2.10. So I pondered if I wanted to walk the 15 miles back to the customer service window and get the refund. Would it be worth it? Greediness finally took over and I went for the discount. At last I got down there and by now I am having major hot flashes from the pain of it all. Felt like I was going to pass out and there was a line with three people in it. Why doesn’t she call for help, doesn’t she know three is a crowd? I was standing on one leg, like one of those pink flamingos in somebody’s front yard. I was trying really hard not to whine and whimper out loud, and I didn’t make a sound. I was gritting my teeth and I think people thought I was smiling at them because they kept smiling at me. I lived through it and made my way home. Home never felt so good.