Wednesday, May 20, 2009

A Question

It’s almost summer time. That means the air conditioner will run non-stop until October. I heard an advertisement. They were selling some kind of unit that will only cool off the rooms you are using. They said central air will cool off all those rooms you never use and their unit will save big bucks. It sure sounds exciting, but why wouldn’t closing the vents in those spare rooms and closing the doors do the same thing? That’s probably a dumb concept. If anybody knows the answer to my question, feel free to comment. Now remember there are no dumb questions.
Well, I need to run now. I’m off to Fiesta Foods for a carton of the Diet Pepsi for $3.99. Yahoo !!!


Cora said...

We only have an air conditioner in the rooms we air condition. I know weird, huh. Someday I will own a house with central air then you know what I will cool all the rooms Bwaha ha ha.

Good Luck at Fiesta Foods.

E said...

Last week diet pepsi was $2 at Rosauers. We have like 10 in the garage now. I do not drink it, but I bet it will be gone in 2 weeks.

It is kinda scary that the airconditioner can sense if you are in a room to cool it or not! Here is a concept...if you have all the spare room to close doors to then get a smaller house..hense a smaller bill!

2Grandmas2 said...

I would think that "they" are using this gimmick as a selling point. I turn the registers closed and close the doors for the furnace. If I had a heat pump I would do the same. I cannot imagine it could make a big difference in the bill...but what do I know!! If I had a Fiesta Foods, and if I drank Diet Pepsi instead of Diet Coke, I would be stocking up as well. Great to hear the knee is better...if'n you can run, it muust be, eh? ;-)

Diane said...

My dear hubby would have died at a younger age had I not had the registers closed in the 'un-used' rooms all the time! I have never heated or cooled those rooms we rarely use. If I know I'm going to in them, I open the registers. Otherwise, they stay closed. Of course, my BIL thinks that's ruining my central unit. It must be okay though, the things almost as old as the house and it's still kicking!!! Just my two cents worth!

Many hugs........