Sunday, May 24, 2009

Spring has Sprung

Flowers are blooming and birds are singing. Must be a good omen. I see more and more people walking by on their way to the school track to do their walking or jogging. I used to go down there and walk, until the security guard ran me off. He said the principal felt that I was a security risk and she did not want me on the track so I haven’t been back. Well, I was only in my seventies then so I probably was a little more dangerous. That is an honest to God true story. The school is Wilson Middle School located in Yakima, WA. Granted it was during school hours, but the kids were in class. The security guard suggested I might be able to walk at Franklin track. I guess they have a different set of rules or a different principal. Now when I want to walk, I drive over to Randall Park and do my walking.