Thursday, July 16, 2009

Are You A Fruit Picker?

This is another pet peeve of mine. I live in the middle of Fruit Land USA, but do you think I can find any locally grown fruit that is ripe. Nectarines, peaches and apricots look ripe, but I haven’t found any yet that is ripe. Why can’t they let it get ripe before they pick it. People say, just let it set a day or two and it will ripen. It taint so. It will get softer, but not riper. Sometimes the pit will not even come out without major surgery. I would think they would sell a lot more fruit if people were satisfied with it. I refuse to keep wasting money on fruit that ends up in garbage. It’s like trying to pick the winning ticket. It’s the same way with cantaloupe. I guess there is an art to picking out melons that are just right. Sometimes they are delicious and other times hard as a rock. I sure don’t have a knack for choosing the right one. I see people smelling them and tapping them and I wonder if they get good results. Are you a good fruit picker? I don’t mean out of the orchard, but out of the store.


Cora said...

That is because you are probably buying California fruit. In CA they do pick all the fruit green, not sure why. If you wait until the Washington fruit ripens in a few weeks you will get some good peaches and nectarines. Apricots are just starting to come off so those should be good soon. Cherries are just finishing and it was a big crop so you should be able to get a pretty good deal on those right now.

Cora - your local fruit expert :0)

Grandma L said...

Thank you. I just assumed it was local fruit. Yesterday I bought some good field grown tomatoes that came from Calif. They were only 99 cents a pound.

Katie D said...

Don't worry Grandma. I think it is even harder on this side of the mountains to get good fruit. I've yet to get myself any that is worth eating with the exception of a pint of strawberries this week that came from Cali again. :) At least over in Yakima you get the fruit stands that I wish I had over here!