Sunday, August 23, 2009

More Than You Want To Know

1. I’m entering a left hand turn lane just seconds after the light turned yellow.
2. There are two cars in front of me.
3. I remember thinking the cars in front were moving too slow.
4. The instant the car in front of me had turned enough so I could see.
5. I look into the eyes of a lady gripping her steering wheel and I thought, " this is where I die".
6. I felt the tremendous impact and the seat belts grabbing me. She hit the passenger side of my car on the hinge area of the door.
7. The car didn’t spin, it just skid a few feet. I didn’t hear any broken glass sound.
8. I had instant pain in my chest. It was hard to tolerate. It was a #10 on the pain scale.
9. I sat there and was wishing somebody would come to my door.
10. I knew somebody would have called 911 and I began to wish I could hear a siren.
11. Then the woman from the other car opened my door and was consoling me. She had an airbag and seemed to be okay.
12. Others started coming to the car while we waited for the ambulance.
13. I truly appreciated the company.
14, Finally the ambulance arrives.

On a lighter note: I got cheated because they didn’t turn on the siren on the way to the hospital. I mean, if you’re going to ride in an ambulance you should get the whole nine yards. When I get to the hospital and the male nurse tells me I need to take my top off and put the gown on I remembered what I had on. While choosing my under garments that morning I decided to find a more comfortable bra to wear in this hot weather. I had a red satin bra that was pretty but didn’t do much for the uplift so I never wear it, but I am 80 years old so what do I care about "uplift" in this hot weather. I don’t know what the male nurse thought, but I thought, "Why did I wear this stupid thing?"


Jimh. said...

You've just been in a car wreck and you are thinking about your underwear...Grandma, I never fail to smile when I read your posts!

I agree, they should have used the siren, goodness knows you're paying for it! They should strive more for customer satisfaction. You should find out which ambulance company it was and never use their services again! :-)

Kelly said...

At least you were wearing a bra!

Grandma L said...

Kelly, you gave me the first laugh of the day. I honestly laughed outloud. I would have died from embarrassment if that happened.

madz said...

Are you okay now?

Regarding your undergarment, as for me, I always wear good undergarments whenever I travel around, so that in case I would be brought to the hospital and would need to see my undergarments, it's now something worse, he he.