Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Too Scared To Run

Can you remember scary events that happened to you as a child? Now we wonder why we thought it was so frightening. I had one scary thing that happened to me and I still think it was about the scariest thing that ever happened to me.
I was about four years old and we lived in the country on a farm. We had neighbors that lived about a quarter of a mile away. The family had two girls, one was about my age and the other girl was about 8 years old. They had walked down to play with me for the afternoon.
When it came time for them to leave, they wanted me to walk home with them, but my mother said, “No, I don’t think it's a good idea.” She went on about her business and the girls went outside and I went outside with them. They still wanted me to walk home with them. They told me that my mother didn’t really care, and it would be okay. I guess I was rather gullible in my childhood because I believed them and we went to their house. On the road to their house we walked on a little country road and one area of it had huge trees on each side of it and a bridge crossed over a creek. Then we walked up a hill to their house. This place was always called ‘The Sixty’. I suppose it was a sixty acre plot of ground.
Anyway we played and they showed me all their toys and that sort of thing and I noticed it was getting sort of dark and I knew I had to walk home by myself. I was scared and I kept putting it off until it was getting very dark. Their mother told me I better head for home because it was getting dark.
I knew I had no choice, and I have never been so scared in all my 81 years. I kept walking and the area where the trees were was so dark that I thought I was going to meet my doom any second. I even thought I could hear something. I didn’t run, because I didn’t want to make any noise, but I walked as fast as my four year old legs would carry me. I even remember my heart was pounding.
When I finally got home, my mother had a little switch she had pulled off of a tree and I received the only spanking I ever received from my mother. I was so glad to be home safe and sound, I hardly noticed.


Jimh. said...

funny how My dad always said it hurt him more to spank me...I honestly think it hurt me more.

On a few occasions, though, (VERY FEW) I actually deserved it. You probably can't believe I EVER deserved a spanking, I don't blame you. It is hard for me to believe, too.

Stephanie Frieze said...

Nice post I can relate to you as a kid as well as to your mother. I know spanking or switching is passe now, but it did get kids attention. I can understand your mother's feeling. After telling my son not to go out into the ocean beyond knee depth the fog rolled in and we couldn't see him. I raced up and down the beach calling his name and finally spotted him up to his chest in the ocean. Once we got him back up on the beach I didn't know whether to hug him or strangle him. For a few minutes there I thought I'd lost my oldes child. And it wasn't the first or last time he scared me!

Now my grandmother had a scary story she swore was true. She claimed that one dark and stormy night when she was home alone with her two youngest they heard foot steps up on to the porch. When a knock didn't come Grandma opened the door a crack to see who was there. There were muddy foot prints that led up the steps to the front door, but there was no one there and there were no steps back down. Grandma and my aunt and uncle were pretty scared until my grandpa came home.

Grandma L said...

That is what I call scary about your son being in the ocean and you were unable to see him, and I would have never had the nerve to open the door.