Saturday, October 10, 2009

Another Day in the Wild West

Now that I have a new chair, I thought I would sell my old one. Anybody interested? Just kidding of course, and if you would like to know why somebody went to the trouble, visit this web site .
Fall has fallen on us and it makes me think of Chili so I decided to make some. I hate to make anything that calls for chopped onions. I always get so emotional when I chop onions. I just can't help it, I cry all the way though the process. Yes, I have a food processor, but they need to be chopped a little before they fit into it. Anyway, the Chili didn't taste much like Chili, but it's pretty good anyway. I hate cooking.
I had to get the dreaded blood draw this week and it was the same old dance. The needle goes into the arm and they didn't strike blood so it ends up in the back of the hand. I am not blaming the nurse, I know my veins are hard to find or they just disappear all together.

I like this cool weather for a change.