Monday, October 5, 2009

A New Lease on Life

Life has just taken on new meaning. Just when I thought there was nothing more to live for I became the surprised owner of a new recliner. It almost materialized out of thin air. One day I woke up out of a restless nap in a recliner that refuses to recline anymore and heard a sound outside. When I looked outside a delivery truck had backed into my driveway and before my very eyes a vision appeared. It was a vision of a large blue recliner. Wait! It’s not a vision, it’s the real McCoy. A real honest to goodness recliner that not only reclines, but it lifts you up and dumps you out. Now, what more could I possible want to live for. This chair has brains. If you desire a nap, just press the button and you are in a reclining position. If you want out of the chair you press a button and it stands you on your feet. I remember back when I was employed, I worked in and office and this was the era before computers. When the telephone rang it usually meant you would soon be on your feet and across the room looking in a filing cabinet. One day I remember telling a co-worker that I wished I had one of those chairs that would lift me up and out. Now my wish has come true. The credit goes to Kenny and Chris. Now, I have a car to drive and a chair to sit in, and an oven door with a handle. What more could I ask for.
I guess I should explain about the oven door. I had blogged before about the handle falling off of my oven door and I thought it was unfixable. Kenny glued it back on with JD Weld (JD Weld is not a person, but a glue) and I can tell you that it is not going to fall off again in my lifetime. Spellcheck tells me that unfixable is not a word. Maybe they don't know what it means, but I'll bet you do.