Wednesday, October 21, 2009

No Maple Bars

What do you mean, no maple bars ?

We have a new Wal-Mart store in our city. It’s only a few blocks from my home.
I sure love that idea. The old one is several miles away. I thought I would not rush out there the day the store opened because I pictured it being so crowded I would not enjoy it much. After a few days I decided to venture out that way. I walk into the place and my chin dropped to the floor and my eyes bugged out and I just stood there trying to take it all in. Everybody in this town could go at the same time and the store would still not be crowded. I think that store is bigger than our entire mall. You only run into a clerk about every five miles. I wanted to know where the hair products were and when I finally found a clerk, she didn’t know for sure, but told me where she thought they were. It turned out she was right. I’ll take my binoculars the next time I go out there. I somehow ran across the bakery dept. Funny, how that always happens. I wanted one maple bar. It’s my only fault, I’m addicted to them. Here I am in a store half as big as Texas and they didn’t have one single maple bar. They had a box with a dozen, but I only wanted one. They had a tray of maple bars, but somebody had put chocolate frosting on them. That is what they do at the other Wal-Mart store. What’s the matter with those Wal-Mart people, you do not put chocolate on maple bars. Put your chocolate on round donuts. I asked a clerk if they had some hidden in the back and she thought they did, but when she came back she said they didn’t have any.
I shall return another day.