Friday, October 16, 2009

Peachy Keen In Vehicle Heaven

Car maintenance must be a "man" thing. I positively hate putting gas in the car. I had to gas up my new Van. When I say new, I mean, new to me. It’s 19 years old, and I guess you know that is ancient for a car. I think sometimes that I am building a car from the ground up. First it needed new brakes, then it needed a new battery. Yesterday I had four new tires put on it. When I paid for the tires I was informed that it needs a new CV Joint. That will be to the tune of $191. 00. That is unless I can find a shade tree mechanic. He might do it for less. When I put gas in it that day, I swiped my debit card and then I swiped my Albertson’s card because I was getting 20 cents off the gallon with the card. It told me the card was invalid. I almost blew a fuse right on the spot. I cancelled the transaction and started over, as though that would solve something. It did the same thing of course so I had to go to the customer service window and the girl came out to show me how to do it. When the card says, "invalid card" it means look to the far right and there will be a light blinking, scan your card under the light. Tunnel vision can be a serious problem. I felt better about it when another woman came from the customer window and said, "I can’t figure these things out either". It gobbled up $38.00 worth of gas, even with the discount. To top all this off the bank charged me $1.00 twice for swiping the card two times. Anyway, I guess that is why they charged me twice.
Other than that everything is peachy keen.