Saturday, December 12, 2009

Nobody Will See It

Look at my childhood picture on the right side of the page at the top. You can see a big knot on my forehead. I was eight when the picture was taken. I remember being so upset about the ugly knot on my forehead because we were having school pictures taken the next day. Mom said, "It won’t show in a picture so don’t worry about it, and it might even be gone by morning". The knot wasn’t gone by morning and she said, "Nobody will see the picture, but us, so it’s okay". Little did we know I would post the picture on the Internet and the whole world can look at it. I’m proud of that battle scar. When you survive to adulthood with two older brothers, it’s quit a feat. I’m just kidding!!!
The funny thing is that I can’t remember how I got the knot at all. I just remember being upset because I was going to have my picture taken. I’m sure my own clumsiness had a lot to do with it. Bottom line:
Nobody will see it and nobody will give a rats rear if they do see it.