Saturday, January 9, 2010

Just My Opinion

What is the big deal? So the food manufactures don’t put an accurate calorie count on the frozen dinners. I would much rather they would put something edible in their boxes, and forget the calorie count. I just attempted to eat some Swedish meatballs with pasta and real sour cream. There were four small meatballs in the whole box. I hate eating out of a box so I transfer it to a dish before eating. It doesn’t improve the taste any, it’s just one of my quirky habits. I do find some TV dinners that are rather tasty, but you do get what you pay for.
That is my thought on that subject.
How do you like commercials? Some are funny or clever and you can watch them over and over without wanting to throw up. There are the exceptions, however. Those old people that decided they are going to retire is on the top of my list of irritating commercials. I haven’t seen it for awhile so maybe they have pulled it off the air.
I am getting a little sick of Wilford Brimley and his Liberty medical ads. I personally wish he would ride off into the sunset in his motor home and stay away, but that’s just me.