Sunday, March 21, 2010

Ask Not and Get A Job

Are times really getting rough, or is the world just finding more ways to bilk people out of their money? Everybody has their hand out. Can you spare a couple dollars? They beg on the street corners. If they could get their hand in your pocket they would definitely do it. I saw on the news, a problem they were having in London. In one area motorcyclist would wait for people to walk by and they would grab their purse or package or whatever they had and take off. It was so bad they had to close that area to motorcycles. Of course, that isn’t begging, it’s just plain stealing.
Not only is there a lot of open begging on the streets, you get a ton of stuff in your mail box asking for donations for this or that. Anyway, I do. They send little token things like address labels and note pads, which I have sent five dollars a couple times. That seems to be a mistake because I think they also sell your address to others that are in the begging business because I now get so many of them, I just pitch them in the trash as soon as they arrive.
I feel very sorry for homeless people and I don’t blame them if they ask for something, but it’s the large companies that do it with that give away gimmick. Maybe I’m wrong and maybe they truly are collecting it for a good cause, but after hearing so much about the fraud that goes on with big business people that you thought were educated upright moral folks and they can rob you without batting an eye. They rob people of their retirement money and homes. How can you trust anybody?