Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Spring has Sprung

After shrub removal
I don't have a before picture.
Do you think this shrub needs to be trimmed?
Could it go another five years or so?
I finally made the decision. The carpet has to be professional cleaned. I closed my eyes and made the appointment. I always dread having it done because it’s a lot of work for me. All those little things like end tables, lamps and magazine racks and anything else that is movable needs to be moved out. He told me on the phone to move any knickknacks off of tables, and he will move them. I may take him up on that because those end tables are heavy. I have a small carpet cleaner, but there comes a time when it needs a good wall to wall cleaning. Spring is a good time of the year for that.
I also had an evergreen shrub taken out last week. It was in front of my living room window and I failed to have it trimmed for a couple years and it almost turned into a tree.
I was very happy to have it moved out of the way. It should also help reduce the spider population. He is coming back this week and trimming the shrubs in the back of the house.
Now I will be ready for spring. Bring it on!!!!