Friday, June 18, 2010

Another Pet Peeve

Some of the things the news media find to make a big deal about are unworthy of even mentioning. I don’t know how many times I have seen the news clip about the woman that was cited for using a cell phone while driving. According to her, she just drives with her hand cupped over her ear and she didn’t even have a cell phone in the car. The media seems to want to make it seem as though the police officer was just totally out of line because he didn’t search the car. I’m sure he knew he wouldn’t find a phone, with her and her moronic companion making such a big deal out of searching the car. If she is dumb enough to drive with her hand cupped over her ear, than let her get cited. Maybe after it happens a few times she will learn the proper way to drive, with both hands on the steering wheel.
How much fun that must be. Drive around and when you see an officer pretend you have a phone on your ear so he will stop you, and you can get on TV and try to make the officer look like a jerk, when you’re the one that looks like the Jerk.