Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Tomato Update

 Miss Early Girl
Mr. Beefsteak
The tomato farmer needs advice. The lower leaves on  Mr. Beef Steak keep turning yellow. I tried to find out why, one place said it might not be getting enough water and another place said it might be getting too much water.  Early Girl looks like a healthier plant, and I water it the same as I do the other one. Maybe the pot is a little too small for such a big plant. I didn't know it would grow like a tree. It has three tomatoes so far.
Not much to blog about. 


Jimh. said...

have you tried fertilizer? Apparently tomatoes thrivedwith fertilizer...I started using it with mine this year and they are bigger than last year!

Cora said...

you life sounds about as exciting as ours, except I am watching the squash grow this year. See, I thought they were dead when Jim planted them so I am amazed by the rate of expansion!

Try Miracle grow, you'll have a tomato the size of your head, LOL

Lorrene said...

I am using Miracle Grow already.