Thursday, July 22, 2010

Another Day Older and Another Rant

 This is a follow up on the rant about my doctor’s office. This is not my primary doctor. It’s my bone doctor and I visit him once a year. He requested a bone density test this year, which was done, but I still have not found out the results. I call their office and the robot that answers the phone said she would transfer me to the voice mail of the nurse. I leave my message and she never returns the call. I wait a few more days and call again. The robot tells me she is transferring my call to the voice mail again. I became extremely rude, and said a few things I regret. I guess the test was okay. I am not going to let myself get in a rage over it so I decided to drop it. I recently signed up to get my meds through a place called Medco. They sent request for 90 day prescriptions to my doctors. The first round of medicine would be sent automatically to my home. The first medicine arrived and it was great not having to drive to the pharmacy. One of the medicines is a tablet that I take once a week. I had taken the last tablet and had not received the new ones yet so I called Medco to see if they had mailed it yet. No, because the doctor had not returned their request for an updated prescription order. It just happens to be the same doctor that refuses to return my calls. I took a deep breath and dialed their number once again, and while I am attempting to explain about Medco not receiving an updated prescription order, I was transferred in mid sentence to the voice mail. I left my message and added, “Please return this call, it is very important”.

The nurse returned the call and now my pills are going to be a week late and I will miss my weekly pill, but I guess I won’t die. I know most places have very polite and well trained help. I still don’t know the results of the bone test. I’m glad I only need to go there once a year.