Friday, July 2, 2010

Please Be Seated

I have not blogged about a doctor’s office for a long time, but I had a blog experience that I need to share. I had a certain medical test taken one month ago and have not heard one peep about it. Since I do not have an appointment to see that doctor for a year I decided to call and find out how the test turned out. Between me and the Insurance company the test will be paid for, and I think I have a right to know what the results were. So I called this nice person at the doctor’s office and she seemed so eager to help me. She was getting all my vital information as to when I was born. I really do not know why that is so important, but they always want to know. Anyway, she was looking and reading something on the computer sort of under her breath, and finally she said, “I will transfer you to the nurse”. The next thing I hear is a phone ringing in my ear and finally a recording came on and said, “ I am away from my desk, “I will call you back, please leave your name, phone number and the date of your birth, I will return your call promptly.

Just what I wanted to do, sit by the phone all day and wait for a phone call. I have things to do, but if I don’t hang around I will just have to go through the same thing on another day.

I felt as though I had been wadded up and thrown into the waste paper basket.

They have not called back and it has been hours.