Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Another Day

No special reason to show this.
It's a picture of my husband, daughter and myself
back in the early days. And Buffy too.
One year ago today I had a car wreck. My car was totaled, but I wasn’t. It was the first and only real serious accident I have been in. I guess that says a lot considering I will be 82 in a couple weeks. My guardian angel must be on guard. Thank you guardian angel. Life is going very well. My tomato crop is producing ripe tomatoes. What more could one ask for? I’ve already had my afternoon nap and it’s only 9 AM.
When I totaled my car I was lucky enough to have one donated to me. It is a 1990 Van. I had a problem getting used to such a big automobile after driving a small one for so long. At first I felt like I was driving Noah’s Ark down the street, but I feel a lot safer than I did in the small car. At least if somebody rams into me, I might have a fighting chance.
This is all for now.