Friday, September 10, 2010

Don't Hold Your Breath

My tomato plants are fading fast. I have had all the tomatoes I can use and haven’t had to buy a single one from the store. I will definitely do this again next year. Fall has fallen already. Sometimes we have very hot Septembers, but this year it has been on the cool side here in the Northwest. A very welcome season as far as I am concerned. It’s the time of year when you don’t need the heat or the A/C turned on.
I had problems getting online off and on so I finally called my Internet provider. I was finally able to get past the robot and then Peggy came on the phone. I hope you have seen the commercial. It's the funniest commercial because it is exactly how you feel sometimes. This Peggy was very nice and said I had a weak signal and set up an appointment for a cable person to come on out and improve my signal.
He came and now I have a healthy signal so I can get online without pulling out my hair. Later that day, Peggy called again to see if the cable man did his job to my satisfaction. I said, "Yes, indeed he did". Still later on Peggy called again to let me know that I was such a good customer that they had a very special offer for me. Now that made me feel truly special, but I was very suspicious. I put on my listening ears and listened to the spiel. I swear she said I will get everything I now get plus some movie channels and other channels and the monthly bill will be ten dollars less per month than I am now paying. I kept her on the phone forever because I wanted to make sure she said what I thought she said. I’m still shaking my head over it. I am obligated to stay with them for two years. I would have done that anyway.
Now I am waiting for the electric company to call and tell me I am such a good customer they have decided to lower my bill.
Peggy is a fictitious name to protect the innocent.