Thursday, October 14, 2010

Prisoners have rights too

I guess this really isn't any of my business, but I never let that stop me before.

Our local county jailers and arresting officers seem to think they have a right to apply their own form of punishment on the prisoners. In our paper today there were two separate incidents of improper handling of the inmates. (IN MY OPINION)
One man was handcuffed with little sissy sized handcuffs and they were left on him for 8 hours. The handcuffs were so tight on his wrist it cut off the circulation. He suffered permanent injury and ended up having to undergo surgery.
The other incident was a man that was in a cell and was beaten to death by other inmates. He was left for several hours before taken to a hospital where he was not allowed to contact his attorney or his family. His family was finally notified by his attorney after a week. He died 12 days after the beating.

You can read all about it on this link.