Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Another Day Another Scam

Adsense is a company that uses your blogs to advertise for others. You will get a few cents each time somebody clicks on the ads that are on your website. So I signed up for it. I let them use my blog to advertise many different things over the years. When you earn one hundred dollars they will pay you. You never make 100 dollars. I only made about 34 dollars in three years. Not a very productive way to make money if you ask me. So I mentioned to a few of my friends that it would be nice if folks would click on my ads. Now I began to make a few cents every few days and had earned $55.00 and I was happy about it. That happiness didn't last long. One day Adsense took their ads off of my blog and said it appeared that I was doing something illegal and I was no longer a customer. I don't remember the exact words, but it was words to that effect. What about the 34 dollars I had made before I became so illegal. I gave them free advertising space for three years or more. They can cheat us, but if we cheat them back.
Oh Well, Merry Christmas to them too.