Saturday, December 11, 2010

The Sky is Leaking White Flakes

It's a winter wonder land in Yakima. I have enjoyed watching it fall out of the sky. Now it can go away. Tuesday I have to drive in it because I have a doctor's appointment. I finally found the reason for my exhaustion. I am extremely low on vitamin B12. That's all I know about it so far. It must be like a car being low on gas or oil. They can still run, but if it runs completely out they stop dead in their tracks. I don't want to stop dead in my tracks so I will be there for the appointment. I will start a series of Vitamin B12 shots. Better than being exhausted. It sure took a long time to find the cause. I go to a doctor on a regular basis so why did it have to get so darn low.

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Jimh. said...

I'll be posting photos we took today too! Yours is awesome, by the way! Hope they clear the streets you need! Drive smart, there are too many idiots out there!!