Tuesday, March 8, 2011

General Rant

He no longer has the lip ring because of what the dentist told him. This is an old picture.
   My grandson just turned 17 a couple weeks ago. He came by today and told me he was excited because he had been invited to a birthday party of a friend. He said they would ride in a limo and go eat out and then go swimming.
The conversation went like this. He said, "I'll be the only guy there". I said, "Won't you feel funny, being the only guy?"  His answer was , "Well, yeah kinda I guess." As an after thought he added, "But, I get to be the only guy going swimming with all those girls." Then he stuck his thumbs up. I said, "I guess your girlfriend will keep you in line." Then he said, "My girlfriend won't be there."  I said, "Well that's not good." He said, "But her friends will be there."  I said, Oh well, that clears things up considerable, I won't worry about you."

To change the subject, we owe our souls to the company store. That is how the song went, but today we owe our souls to the insurance companies. My car insurance was just raised by $10.00 a month.  I called and talked to one of the agents. I thought there must be some logical reason for it. Guess what, there was a rate increase.  I thought they just had one of those a few months back.  Maybe they need to give their employees a raise. I wish I could call up my employer (social security) and say, "Give me a raise starting this month." Only the insurance company can do that. They didn't even say "please".
I have been buying insurance since about 1950 and had one small fender bender and one bad accident. That was two claims in all those years. When I had the bad accident it was an excuse to raise the insurance a whole lot. After all, I might have another accident in the next 20 years. They need to be reinbursed for that. How about all the folks that pay for insurance all their lives and never file a claim on it.
 Maybe they charge by how old the car is. In people years, my car would be 95 years old. It creaks and groans and be careful when you touch anything or might fall off in your hands.
I pay for medicare insurance and supplement insurance and when I had a blood test last week to check on one of my medical conditions, I had to sign a paper that said in case Medicare wouldn't pay I would pay $49.00. It seems that if you have a blood test too often they will not pay for it. If the doctor orders it, why should they not pay for it?  Isn't that what insurance is for?
They need to be renamed "Autogreed Company and the Medigreed Company".