Thursday, March 24, 2011

Woe Unto Me and Deep Agony

 I decided to use a different browser so I found one, downloaded it and installed it. Then I tried to figure out how to use it. That is a bigger challenge than I anticipated. At one point I had everything so messed up I thought the only solution was to buy a new computer.  I agonized over it the rest of the day. I did this and did that and what happened to the menu bar? I finally accidentally hit the right button or the wrong button and there it was again. You can install add-ons and I did, but now where is it?  Not only where is it, how do I use it? I guess the add-ons are tabs at the top. I wanted to make a start up page or home page, whatever it's called. I can't add anything to the body of the so-called page, it just makes another tab when I add something. I haven't even learned how to close a page.

One time when I worked in a warehouse where they packed fruit to be shipped out. They had many workers, and one of the jobs was packing apples. I was also a packer. You had to size the fruit as you packed it. The trays that it's packed in are different sizes. You chose the tray and then chose the apples that fit the tray. If you picked the correct size of apple, your box of apples would go through the scales with no problem. The box had to weigh the correct amount or the box of apples would be brought back to you to repack until you got it right. Legend has it that a man once worked there packing apples. His box of apples was returned so he repacked it and it came back again. After about the fourth time they returned his box of apples, he went to the office and asked how much a box of those apples would cost if he bought one. He paid for the box of apples, came back to his packing rack, picked up the box of apples and took it to a window and tossed it out on the street. I felt like doing that with the computer.