Monday, April 25, 2011

Life is hard

If it isn’t one stupid thing, it’s another stupid thing.  It’s like somebody sits around somewhere and thinks up new things to charge me for.  The car insurance decided to charge me another $10.00 for my car insurance.  No rhyme, no reason it was a rate increase. Today I get a bill from the medical supply business that I have my C-pap gismo through. It was a bill for $10.00. It was for filters that I use in the C-pap. When I called she couldn’t find exactly when I ordered extra filters so she will look into it further and call me back. No call yet. Why would I order extra filters. I forget half the time to even change the filter. I know I did not order extra filters. Medicare and insurance pays for the amount we are suppose to have each month. Now because somebody got the billing screwed up I am obligated to pay for extra filters. That may seem so petty you must wonder why I’m belly-achin about it, but ten dollars is ten dollars.

Summer is around the corner and then I’ll have something new to belly-ache about. Hot weather is not my favorite thing. The only good thing about it is my tomato crop. Last year I planted two tomatoes in pot’s and I had wonderful tomatoes all summer. I will do it again if it ever stops freezing at night.
Tomorrow I get my Vitamin B12 shot. That happens every other week. I am not complaining about it because I definitely need those shots.
Till next time.