Saturday, April 16, 2011

Lost Cause

This is a picture of some GI's in the early 40's. They were burying "Lost Cause" whatever that was. They seemed to be taking it quite seriously. They even seem to be saying a prayer. Back then they didn't have a big protest march and cause a riot. They just buried it and forgot about it.
The one in the middle is my late husband. Now that brings me to this. What is the connection between 'late' and  'dead'? My husband is dead, not late.  Some people say passed away instead of dead and I usually do, but I wanted to make a point about it this time. I had not met him yet when this picture was taken.
To change the subject why can't we wait until next year to start the election. I think I would rather vote for Charlie Sheen then Donald Trump. What does Donald Trump know besides selling and buying real estate. Is that a qualification for being president? I think it's a lost cause.