Saturday, June 18, 2011

Hurry up and Wait

I got a letter today from my friend that lives in a nursing home. It goes like this.
Good Morning as it is 5 AM. They got me up around 4 to give me a shower and brought me up to the dining room to get my coffee. My right shoulder hurts, even to write, so that is why I don' t write much. I would like to get one of those shots for it, but I don't think they will give me one. I can't walk anymore so I stay in a wheel chair most of the time. I hope you can read this. I am doing fairly well and I'm still in the dining room. Don't know what time breakfast comes so I will just wait and drink coffee and work on my puzzle book.
Your old friend, Elsie

I wonder how some of us would handle it if we were rooted out of bed at 4 AM to take a shower and then parked in the dining room for a couple hours to wait for breakfast.   In constant pain on top of it. 
She didn't complain about it so it must be par for the course or is it par for the curse in her case. 

I have one more thought for today.
So many famous men have smart beautiful wives, but they seem to prefer the cheap sleazy type. I wonder why that is.
 Yes, I know they are not all cheap sleazy types but many are.