Sunday, June 5, 2011


Whatever happened to semi good manners? One day I went to the mailbox and there was a couple young girls, age about 15 or so, walking down the street instead of the sidewalk. When they got exactly even with me, one of them let out a big gigantic burp. You don’t accidentally burp that loud so I guess it was for my benefit. I wish my friend, Alice, had been there. She would have said, “Honey, did you leave your manners at home?” Then she would have ended up talking to them for an hour. So maybe I’m glad she wasn’t there.
I went to the mall the other day. They have a big new store I have wanted to check out. I found something I wanted to buy, but I couldn’t find the checkout station. I was embarrassed to ask somebody where it was because I knew they would think this hick from the sticks must not get out much. I finally asked another customer if she knew where it was and she began to look around and she couldn’t see it either. She kept looking and finally spotted it. I used my manners and thanked her.  In their clothing dept they had racks up so high I couldn’t began to reach up and take something down to check for size and etc. I’ll have to take a stepladder the next time I shop there. They are not the only store with those unreachable racks. So that is my latest pet peeve.