Saturday, June 11, 2011

The Wheels of Progress

You started the car with a crank.

Back in the early 1930’s when I started to school, I learned to read with the Dick and Jane books. I have now evolved to the Kindle. I bought one today and it’s the best thing since indoor plumbing. The world has changed somewhat in that 70 year span. We always walked to school in the mud or snow or whatever elements happened to be going on. Life was uncomplicated. I considered our teacher to be rich because she had a regular job and wore beautiful dresses and had painted fingernails. Her name was Mrs. Moser. Now that I think about it, she lived in a little two-room cabin on the back of the school property. I guess I was easily impressed by pretty dresses and painted fingernails. I think I’ve evolved a little too since those days.
Anyway I have this Kindle and the main thing I love about it is a feature that enlarges the font size. That is perfect for those that have vision that can’t be corrected to normal. I have downloaded some free books because they are old ones, but I love those old books. Even the later books are not very expensive. I can sit in my chair and shop for books and if I think I want one I can download enough of the book to read and see if I like it before buying it. The very first thing I did was buy a book accidentally. Karen (my daughter) was here and setting it up for me. When I bought a book I still don’t think I touched anything, but if you do something so dumb you can check something to say it was an accident and it will be taken off and you do not pay for it. I guess I sound like a kid with a new toy. I’ll shut up now.