Thursday, July 21, 2011

More of the same

Not much going on except Summer. I love the longer days and warmer weather. We have been lucky to have great weather now. Most of the states are really getting hit with all time high's. It seems like everything that happens is extreme anymore. Extremely hot or extremely cold or some strange thing happens that you never heard of before. The times are a changing. 
I know you are dying to see pictures of my grand-kids. I only have two little grand-kids.That is because the grands are all grown and having kids of their own. So these are Great grands. 
I helped myself to this one from her Daddy's collection.
A little girl and her Daddy
Her little friend is trying to show her something, but she is worried about Mommy.

Showing her independence by taking a walk by herself. 

This link (if it works properly) is the 1940's 
(it really brought back memories for me)
The 1940's