Saturday, July 30, 2011

Tomatoes to Go

I went to a local Fruit Stand the other day and they had tomatoes and a sign over the top of them that said 'local tomatoes' They had been picked over and only a few left, but I found one good one so I bought it and when I started to use it I found a sticker on it that said 'Victory Garden California'. They lied or I'm getting so senile I didn't know I moved to California.  This is still Washington as far as I know.

When I ask those kids in the produce department at a store if the tomatoes are field grown they look at me like I have a loose screw. So I have learned to say, "Are these tomato's grown in a field or a hot house?" 
Field grown taste like tomatoes, hot  house is only half as tasty.

I may go out of the farming business. I have two pots on the patio with tomatoes and I have had one ripe one so far. The other 200 tomatoes are on the verge of getting ripe on the same day. 


Anonymous said...

Well, our weather is so hot the tomatoes at our house the leafs just curled up and not making tomatoes at all. Now Jess has a friend up at Glencoe his tomatoes are doing pretty good,he the only one.
We have a farmers market every Saturday here I think some of there stuff is shipped in, there not suppose to do that. Jess thinks everyone is honest.

Karen said...

You MOVED?????

Odie Langley said...

I gave up farming a couple of years ago when worms tried to strip all the leave off my tomato plants. Now I just go to the farmers market and stand there amazed at how beautiful all the veggies are.

Stephanie Frieze said...

Most of the tomatoes sold at the grocery store have NO taste. Growing your own, buying organic or finding a friendly farmer are your only alternatives to finding a tasty tomato. I wish you lived in my neighborhood. I'd help you with your 200 tomatoes!