Saturday, July 30, 2011

Tomatoes to Go

I went to a local Fruit Stand the other day and they had tomatoes and a sign over the top of them that said 'local tomatoes' They had been picked over and only a few left, but I found one good one so I bought it and when I started to use it I found a sticker on it that said 'Victory Garden California'. They lied or I'm getting so senile I didn't know I moved to California.  This is still Washington as far as I know.

When I ask those kids in the produce department at a store if the tomatoes are field grown they look at me like I have a loose screw. So I have learned to say, "Are these tomato's grown in a field or a hot house?" 
Field grown taste like tomatoes, hot  house is only half as tasty.

I may go out of the farming business. I have two pots on the patio with tomatoes and I have had one ripe one so far. The other 200 tomatoes are on the verge of getting ripe on the same day.