Friday, July 1, 2011

Total Frustration

Not much going on around here unless I mention all those frustrating things that happen to everybody every day. I thought I had a serious computer problem. All at once every thing I clicked on gave me a long message about a bad image and it went sort of like this. Long and ramblings. " application or dllc://program
/google/1ddl. is not a valid windows image" It went on and on. I called Kenny (my son) who is a self taught semi computer geek/tech. He knows I use Mozilla Firefox for my browser. He told me they recently upgraded and they may have a problem. He said to try my old browser and see if it still happened.  Like magic it doesn't happen with Internet explorer.  I think the problem lies with Mozilla Firefox and if they can fix their problem I may go back with them.

The frozen man, with the onion mouth, in the picture was made by a couple granddaughters a few years back. I wonder if they will remember it. If he knows how to cook. I may have a job for him.