Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Answer From Heaven

My car was new back when dinosaurs roamed the earth. To be exact it’s a 21 years old van.
The passenger side window hasn’t worked since I’ve had the car. Now the driver side window is refusing to go up and down. The tailgate will not stay up, I have a long stick that I prop it open with. One day the grocery store helper got conked on the head because the stick slipped. He was very nice about it, but I was embarrassed.
All I can find on the radio is static so I never turn it on. Now when I unlock the car, I sometimes have to try several times to get the key at the exact right angle. So I have stopped locking it because I’m sure it is ready to give up too. Can you imagine somebody stealing it? I can’t so I leave it unlocked.
I told my grandson about what sad shape my car is in and he said I should ride in his Mom’s car. None of the windows will go down and there is no A/C you can get in the car on the driver’s side, but once you close the door you have to exit out the other door because the handles have fallen off.  In hot weather somebody has to go with her to hold the passenger door open so they can have some air to breathe.

Today I got an answer from heaven. My son was here and I was whining about the car to him and he is going to come over this week and fix the thing, at least the window, tailgate and locking mechanism. I told him I didn’t know he would know how and he reminded me that he worked in that field for many years. He repaired those automatic windows in trucks constantly. Sometimes it pays to whine about things.

Even if it is falling apart it beats walking.