Thursday, September 29, 2011

Wait Some More

What is the matter with this world we live it. It’s going to the dogs. You can’t count on anything.
I have had a pain in my knee that is driving me nuts. I went to my primary doctor. There is a rule now, no matter if you have a corn on your toe, you first need to see your primary doctor, so he can decide which foot doctor to send you to. In my case he ordered an MRI because of the numbness in my legs. He didn’t say what he thought was wrong with my knee, so I thought it would be decided when the MRI came back. Well, think again.
I was called and told that I have compression in my lower back and a pain center will be calling me to set up an appointment. It has now been a week and I have not heard from a pain center. If I call my primary doctor’s office they will tell me, it takes awhile and wait another week. So I may as well get in line with all the other waiters. Chris has been waiting a month or longer to get a call back from that place. If they can’t take new patient they should just say so instead of ignoring you.  Or if you have to wait a month to get you in, they should call you and at least set up the appointment.
I thought there was a shortage of jobs in this area. The medical field makes enough money to hire help, so what’s their excuse.


Lorrene said...

Me and my big mouth!! 30 minutes after I posted this, they called and set up an appointment. It's three weeks off, but at least I know I have one.

Anonymous said...

That is good news for you.

Mike Starring said...

Congrats on getting an appointment, but just the same, I think all this referral business that can't happen without seeing so and so's first is another manner to rip of the system for money. I need a blood test and I can just go to the blood lab and get it and have it sent to my doctor, but I have to have a physical first and have the doctor refer me so I can get another physical and Dr. Appt. charge a week after the blood test referral.